Chariot 2 iScrub 20X
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  • Positivity Focused
    • Chariot patented stand-on cleaning technology that significantly increases productivity and cleaning quality
    • 50% more productive than a conventional 20 inch walk-behind scrubber
    • Quiet operation for daytime cleaning
    • On-board charger allows for charging anywhere
    • The center-pivot squeegee uses Aqua-Mizer Technology, creating a cleaning chamber that holds the solution so that it is used to the fullest effectiveness. Aqua-mizer helps you lower your water and chemical consumption, extending up to 50% greater coverage per tankful
  • Safety First
    • Swiveling no-adjustment squeegee, with Aqua-Mizer functionality that ensures 100% water pick up for dry, safe floors
    • Design and size that provides remarkable maneuverability, and best-in-industry 360º visibility that allows the operator to see more of the cleaning area
    • Tie-down bar for ease of transportation
  • Easy-to-use
    • Intuitive control panel with two transport speeds and two operating speeds, and an easy-to-clean, fully accessible hygienic recovery tank
    • Solution dump hose rotates to the floor for easy, operator-free dumping
    • Wide open accessibility for service, with hygienic, easy-to-clean recovery tanks and easy access to batteries
    • Tight 48 inch turning radius for maneuverability
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